Let Afi and Zozo tell you about your genes

Did you know?

In order to build a house, the construction worker needs blueprints or instructions on what the house is going to look like, how electricity is going to flow to the to all of the light bulbs in the entire house, how water is going to flow to all of the bathrooms, and everything else that goes into a functioning house. The construction worker will not be able to make the house into what it was supposed to be without the blueprints.

This is the same with DNA and genes. DNA is the set of instructions for each cell in order to tell them how they are going to function, how they are going to talk to other cells, and how they are going to work together with other cells to make you. You are like the house with a lot of different things are happening at once: you are breathing, blood is flowing throughout your body, you are digesting your food from breakfast, and much much more. DNA makes sure all of this happens and when you have kids, all of that happens for them as well.


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