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Asthma is when your airways are very narrow and filled with too much mucus. Click here to watch videos about asthma.

All about your heart

It is important to keep your heart happy and healthy. Check out these videos to learn about your heart!

Diabetes, Pens, Pumps & MORE

Click here to learn more about your pancreas, diabetes and much more!

Genes: Getting more than toys from your mom and dad

Genes are traits you get from BOTH your mom and dad. Click here to watch videos about genes.


Meet the Team!


Afi the Elephant

Afi is a motherly nurse with many, many years of experience. She always has something important to say, so be sure to listen up when she is around!


Lynus the Lion

Lynus is one of our hospital’s top doctors. Growing up as the King of the Jungle, Lynus tries to be the best of the best-- But, he cares the MOST about helping his patients feel as healthy as possible.


Bonnie the Bunny

Bonnie is the excited medical student of the hospital. She hops from room to room, teaching patients all she’s learned and providing emotional support!


Check out these coloring pages featuring Afi and some friends!

Coloring Page #1

Coloring Page #1

Coloring Page #2

Coloring Page #2

Coloring Page #3

Coloring Page #3