Let Afi and Zozo tell you about insuline pumps

Did you know?

Sometimes the pancreas needs a little extra help in making and releasing Insulin into the body. (Remember Insulin is needed in order for sugar to enter the cells and give the cells nutrients.) And sometimes, an outside help, the insulin pump, is needed to help the pancreas do its job. The pump gives you Insulin all day, so that your cells can get the nutrients they need. It also checks how much sugar is in your blood and gives you just the right amount of insulin, so that if there is too much sugar in your blood, the sugar can go into your cells.

The insulin pump is like driving a car. The car, like your pancreas, is not able to do its job without the help of something or someone else. Your mom or dad need to be in the driver’s seat in order to turn on the car, press the gas pedal and make the car go. If we wanted to car to drive forever, someone would need to be in the car forever, telling the car what to do. This is like the insulin pump. We want the pancreas and you to live forever. So, the Insulin pump gives you enough insulin and your cells enough energy, all day!


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