Let Afi and ZoZo tell you about Arrythmia

That was a lot. Let's break it down...

The electrical signal in your heart is like a relay race. There are five points where the ‘runners’ pass on the baton or ‘electrical signal.’ Sometimes the baton is dropped, and the flow of the race becomes irregular. Sometimes the runners miss an exchange point and the race speeds up. These irregularities in the race are similar to the irregularities in arrhythmias. Many times, just like runners can fix the path, your heart beat will also get back on track!

How your heart tells you it needs a little extra help:

  1. Your chest might feel uncomfortable. This could be pain or tightness.

  2. You might feel like it’s hard to catch your breath.

  3. You also might notice you feel dizzy or lightheaded.

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